The Antagonist

by Villisca

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released July 28, 2014

Performed by:
Lyrics by Albonne Blakley and Levi Stonebraker



all rights reserved


Villisca Richmond, Indiana

Formed in 2012, Villisca plays sounds ranging from all styles of Deathcore and Death Metal. With this band it is often hard to know what to expect. Although what they can promise is crunchy breakdowns, Melodic Guitar riffs, Fast paced, heavy drum parts, and Extreme, in your face, brutal Vocals. This is exhilarating heavy music. This is Villisca. ... more

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Track Name: Hippocampus
Watch your back.
What's done is done. Reprogrammed to fit a useless agenda. This day an age is dying as we lay this land to waste. As we continue to slander earths majestic dreams. Falling deeper and deeper until it all just caves in beneath our feet. Down straight beneath our feet.

Social networking will be the death of us as we idly sit on by. Watch as the worlds population begin to lose their fucking minds. The world leaders, they don't give a damn corrupting all that they can.

What is love when you can sell out to another. By simply turning, on your screens. Tumblr and all it's bullshit. No secrets left to keep.

Stay the fuck away from me.

Close your mouth. Close your legs. Close the thoughts that leave you dead. Keep the memories inside
There's nothing left alive. It's bend or break and do or die.

There is nothing left to love it is time we rise above.
Track Name: Braxtan's Struggle
A feeling that I once held dear. First it sinks like the teeth of a beast and slowly spreads it's disease. till it rots you're fucking chest.

It is not real or I have yet to be convinced. Selfishness and lust plague this world no one left. deserves to live. All moral compasses have been, tossed in the fire. I pray for the end. God is near, but so far from the truth. Forgive me for I am a root of darkness, I am an evil soul. Seeking answers to give me clarity. I have waited so long. For prosperity.

It doesn't matter to whom you pray. because the bullshit is all the same. Call me a hypocrite, and self entitled piece of shit.

I've built a map to the top of the world. So if you get in my way
I will... Erase your fucking. Place.
And your face, from existence.

This is what I was told. So I sold my soul. Hell is all that I've known. Now I have lost control.

She said she was in love. But she gave all that up. For a cheap fuck. You're nothing but another cheap slut. get fucked. Hoe.

If I had the chance, to do this all over again. Id rather turn in my grave. Filthy and disgraced. I'm sick of it.

I never claimed to be a god or king. I was only searching for the means to cure this beast that lives in me. And now it shall be set free.
Track Name: Order 66
You are irrelevant. Before I let you go. I just thought that we should set things straight. I'll make it easy for you now go ahead and take your place.

You were always a pawn and I knew all along. You say were cowards but before you break. Burn the bridges you had you were nothing back then even after we gave. You everything.

Useless at best you're just like the rest don't bite the hand that feeds you. First, I'll leave you here to die. I'll fucking bleed you dry. And your words don't count for shit. Your flesh is burning as you're squirming As I rip you away. I am the end of your charade.

You'll never leave the same way that you came. I'm not the one who strayed away. From the path that I chose. You're not god you're not made of gold.

Like the Tower of Babel I will watch you fall and crumble into nothing as a forgotten piece history.

Stay or leave beg and plead. That's the way that you like to be.
Fake as fuck shit out of luck
I have no sympathy for you.

I am one with the dead you are a mere spec in my grand scheme of reality.

So when this is over I hope that you know that you're dead to me.